Monday, November 21, 2011

Double Dollars at DonorsChoose!

If you follow my blog, you know that I'm a huge fan of DonorsChoose, a nonprofit organization that helps public school teachers find money to fund their classroom projects. Over 5,000,000 students have benefited from their efforts!

Last week I received the DonorsChoose November newsletter and was excited to see that they are offering a special deal from December 5th through the 12th in which they will match donations from friends and family members, dollar for dollar! Teachers will receive a code to give to their donors, and when they use this code, the donation will be matched.

A few weeks ago, I shared that I want to support teachers by donating at least $100 a month to one or more DonorsChoose proposals. I'm so thankful for the blessings that have come my way this year, and I want to give back to the educational community. (Here's the blog post if you missed it.)

But in light of this new development, I have decided that it only makes sense to give even more! So I'm going to donate $100 to each of 5 different teachers during the time this offer is running. If those teachers provide me with their special code, my $100 donation will be matched by another $100 from DonorsChoose!

How will this work? On Thursday, December 1st, I will put out a call for DonorsChoose proposals on my Teaching Resources Facebook page.You'll be able to post your project there and ask family and friends to "like" your post to help me make my decision.I'm going out of town for a week on December 6th, so I'll make my decision on the morning of December 5th so that I can make those donations before I leave.

I also wanted to share that I set up a brand new DonorsChoose page on my website where you can find loads of helpful resources such as the following:
  • A free webinar I hosted in which Francie Kugelman, 5th grade teacher and DonorsChoose superstar, how she obtained over $20,000 in DonorsChoose grants over the last few years - she reveals all her secrets in the webinar!
  • A list of Francie's funded projects so to spark your own thinking about projects you might propose (recently updated and worth over $28,000!)
  • Links to news from DonorsChoose about funding opportunities like the one described above 
Why am I sharing this now? If you don't have a project proposal online, now is a good time to get started. Visit DonorsChoose and sign up, and watch the webinar recording on my DonorsChoose page to learn everything you need to know! Then get ready to post your proposal on my Facebook page on December 1st. Please do not post it prior to that date or it will be removed in fairness to others (because the number of likes will influence my decision).

I'm really excited about this and want to spread the word! Please share this blog post with other teachers so they can get started creating a proposal now! Even if your project is not selected for one of my donations, you'll still be a winner if you get double dollars between December 5th and 12th!


  1. Where can Catholic private schools get some funding? Like everyone we are underpaid. I am trying to get books to implement reading workshop in my room. I bought Laaura's book but I need a classroom library.

  2. Paulina, I totally understand your concerns and this question comes up quite a bit when I promote DonorsChoose. I don't know where private schools can get funding. I've tried to think about why DonorsChoose only works for public schools, and I'm thinking it may be that if they were to fund private schools, that funding could be seen as an endorsement for a certain religion or belief system. Since private schools may be set up for any number of reasons, DonorsChoose would be in the position of having to determine whether the school was legitimate or free from discriminatory practices. They don't have the financial resources to investigate private schools, so it makes more sense to give money to the public school systems. I guess private schools are in the position of having to seek donations on their own from local businesses that support the foundation upon which that school was created, if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, this does not help the classroom teacher in a private school who has no money for extra materials and does not have the same opportunities for seeking grants and funding. Sorry, but that's my best shot! By the way, if you need a classroom library, have you tried using the Scholastic bonus point system I described on my site in September? You can get thousands of point fairly easily to use to buy dozens or hundreds of books. Good luck!

  3. I hope everyone who posted a project on my Wall saw the update to this blog post in which I wrote that you need to also fill out a Google Doc form to enter so I can organize the information. Here's the link to the form: I made this announcement several times on my Wall and in my newsletter but some people did not complete this step.