Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Class Game for 11-11-11!

Did you know that next Friday, November 11th, is a special day in more than one way? In addition to it being Veteran's Day, it's also 11-11-11, a date that we'll never see again. Yesterday a Facebook fan asked if anyone had a fun activity for that date, so I put together this little cooperative learning class activity called the 11-11-11 Game.

To play the game, seat your students in teams of four and have them number one dry erase board from 1 to 11. Draw out one Topic Card at a time and challenge your students to work together to name 11 items according to that topic. For example, they might name 11 holidays or 11 healthy habits. The team that lists 11 items first receives the Topic Card, and the first team to get 3 cards is declared the winner.

I wrote complete directions for this activity and also provided blank Topic Cards so you can customize it for your own grade level and/or content area. You can find this free game in the Seasonal File Cabinet on Teaching Resources, or just click on the image of the Topic Cards above to download it from here.  I hope your class enjoys it!


  1. Thanks, Laura! Looking forward to using this activity Friday afternoon!

  2. Wish we had school on November 11th…this is a legal holiday…so maybe we could play it a day earlier on the 10th!

    Isn't this a paid legal holiday for everyone????


  3. Love this idea! I am definitely going to use it on Friday. Thanks for sharing it!
    Deb @

  4. Susan, we have school that day, but we are the only school in surrounding districts.

  5. We have that day off here, too. I could use it for morning discussion on Thursday though!

  6. ha we never get that day off where i teach in nebraska. however this looks like a great activity to do on 11-11, which is also my daughter's birthday! thanks for sharing. : )

  7. Thanks for everyone's commets! I was off at the zoo yesterday with family so I did't have time to respond. I guess if you have this day off you could do the activity the day before. We never do Christmas activities on Christmas day after all! You could also do the activity on any day that is the 11th of the month, or really any day in November since it's the 11th month of the year.