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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Money for Your Classroom Projects!

Do you have a great idea for a classroom project, but no money to buy materials? If you're a U.S. public school teacher, you need to sign up for DonorsChoose, a non-profit organization that helps teachers find donors to fund their projects. When I was a classroom teacher, I received over $1000 in grant funding through this organization, and I know teachers who have received much more!

Last summer, I invited one of those teachers, Francie Kugelman, to do a webinar on how to apply for DonorsChoose grants. She has earned over $20,000 in grant funding through the organization, and she has the whole process down to a fine art. She shared her best tips and tricks during the webinar I hosted called How to Fund Your Classroom Projects, and I have to tell you it was pretty amazing! She explained exactly how to write a grant proposal, what items are likely to be funded, and how to write an effective title. Luckily, the webinar was recorded and you can watch it from my Odds N Ends page where you'll also find several other helpful Donors Choose resources.

Since I'm no longer in the classroom myself, it's my greatest wish to support classroom teachers with their own projects. With this in mind, I've decided to contribute at least $100 each month to DonorsChoose projects. If you would like me to contribute to your project, visit my Facebook page and click the like button to receive updates. Watch for my DonorsChoose announcements, and post your project idea along with a short description and a direct link to your project. Then ask your friends to vote for it by clicking the like button under your description. (Note: They will first have to "like" that page before being able to vote.) I will review the project ideas and the votes before making my decision about which projects to fund, and I'll post my decision in my Candler's Classroom Connections newsletter.

So get your creative brain going! Instead of being discouraged about how to get money for your projects, start imagining what you'll do with the money that's on its way to you right now!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Grants are something I'm currently passionate about as a 5th grade teacher. As researching for grants I would qualify for is a HUGE, time-consuming process, I appreciate every little piece of wisdom I can grab on to! Love your blog & Resources updates! Thank you, Laura!

  2. I really love that even though your are not in a classroom of your own any longer that you still find ways (beyond just the DC contributions) to make a difference in the future!!

  3. I am still in the classroom but my district banned us from posting DonorsChoose projects last April. I still support online teacher friends using DonorsChoose. I had many successful projects before the ban. The materials I received will help students for years to come.
    Thanks for helping.

  4. M. James and Miss Sallas, thanks for the kind words. MJ, please tell me more about why your district banned you from posting DonorsChoose projects. I can't for the life of me get why they would do this. How sad!

  5. Laura, thank you so much for donating to my project! I really appreciate your willingness to to support classrooms even though you are no longer in the classroom. Schools & children around the country are indebted to you!

  6. Glad I could help, Paula! I hope you get your project funded!

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