Seasonal Resources for Teachers

Are you looking for great seasonal activities for your classroom? Sometimes it's difficult for upper elementary teachers to find seasonal activities that are fun yet meaningful, so I've created two different collaborative projects to gather seasonal resources all in once place:
  • Seasonal Freebies for Teachers 
    Seasonal Freebies for Teachers is a topic on Scoop It so it looks like an online magazine with links to free teaching resources on the Internet. Seasonal Freebies is updated each month to include new resources for that season and any upcoming holidays. You'll see a badge on the blogs of those who are collaborating on this project; the cool thing is that the badge will change every season thanks to Denise Boehm's artistic talents!
  • Seasonal Teaching Resources on Pinterest
    Pinterest is like a huge collection of online bulletin boards, and it's a social networking site as well. With the help of Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog, I created a collaborative Seasonal Teaching Resources board. The teachers involved in this project will be pinning seasonal teaching resources including lessons, games, crafts, and more. Not everything will be free, but even if an item costs money, it will be a worthwhile, time-saving resource!
If you enjoy the resources on these two sites, be sure to follow those pages. When you follow the Seasonal Freebies for Teachers Scoop It, you'll receive an email when new items are added to the page. When you follow Seasonal Teaching Resources on Pinterest, you'll see new pins every time you log on to your account. Enjoy!

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