March 8, 2012

Measurement Mania Freebies

Measurement skills are difficult to teach from a textbook. Not only do students have to learn measurement units and conversions, they have to apply what they've learned with hands-on activities. Even then, they need to play games and engage in tasks to reinforce what they've learned and commit those units to memory.

Luckily, there are loads of resources available to help you teach measurement, and many of them are free. At the bottom of this blog post you'll see a collection of measurement freebies from teacher-bloggers. Just click each link to hop to the blog post where you can read about the activity and download it for FREE!

You can also find loads more free measurement resources on the Measurement page of my online file cabinet at Teaching Resources.

Thanks to Wendy Candler of Digital Classroom Clipart for the colorful measurement clipart above!

The Measurement Mania Freebie Collection is brought to you by Laura Candler, Denise Boehm, Jenaya Shaw, Rachel Friedrich, Rachel Lynette, Stephanie Moorman, Mandy Neal, Selina Smith, and Dana Richliew. Enjoy the activities!


  1. Wow! All the resources needed in one spot!! Awesome!