May 6, 2012

Free Graphic Organizers for Reading Sampler

Great Tool for the Common Core!

I'm thrilled that my newest book is finally complete! Graphic Organizers for Reading: Teaching Tools Aligned with the Common Core is available now in digital format, and the print version will be ready to ship soon. I had self-published this book a few months ago, but it received a complete makeover when it was professionally edited and redesigned. I'm thrilled with the result, and I created a 29-page sampler for you to download and print to see for yourself. You can click the book cover or the link above to download it now.

I'm really excited about the addition of the Common Core Reading Standards to this version of the book. I examined every single Common Core Reading Standard for Grades 2 - 6 and created charts that list one or more graphic organizers aligned with each standard for Informational Text and Literature. Also, throughout the book, I explain exactly HOW to use each graphic organizer to teach those standards. You can take a look at this sampler to see two sample charts as well as the complete table of contents and several graphic organizer lessons.

I'm also excited about several unique features in the ebook version of Graphic Organizers for Reading. One is that the digital PDF version includes internal, clickable links. So if you are reading the book on your computer or on an iPad, you can click or touch any blue text and it will take you to a specific location in the book. Clicking blue text in the Table of Contents will take you right to a certain chapter or graphic organizer. On the Common Core Graphic Organizer charts, clicking the name of the graphic organizer will take you to where it is in the book! Cool! If you download the sampler above, you can test out those clickable links. Another neat feature in the digital version is that many of the graphic organizers have been reformatted to make them fill up the page and allow more room for student writing. When a book is formatted for print, you have to leave wide margins for trimming and binding, but that's not true when you create a PDF. I love how the publishers were willing to work with me to create a really teacher-friendly book. In fact, I'm so excited about the features of this book that I created a video to walk you through it!

At this point, you might be thinking that you wish you could have the print version AND the digital one, and you don't want to have to choose between them. Guess what? You don't have to choose! If you decide to buy the print version of Graphic Organizers for Reading from my site, you'll get the digital one right away for FREE!

I want to thank all the teachers who tested the lessons and graphic organizers with their students. This book, like Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide, is stamped with the "Field Tested, Teacher Approved" seal because every lesson has been tested with students and tweaked to make it perfect! I'm grateful to those who made it possible for us to add that seal with confidence!

Laura Candler
Teaching Resources

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