July 13, 2012

Fun Place Value Spinner Games!

I'm on a mission to update all my older Mini Packs, one by one, and the Place Value Spinner Games pack was the next in line to get a makeover, The two things I've been doing to update my older items is to identify the specific Common Core Standards addressed by the activities and to add a more attractive and eye-catching cover.

Spin 4 Cash Place Value Review Spinner Game from Laura Candler

Spin 4 Cash Game
The Place Value Spinners pack is actually made up of two games that are slight variations of each other. I started by creating the game Spin 4 Cash shown above which my students LOVED because they could win "math cash" for correct answers. It was an absolute favorite during math center time and proved to be a great review activity. Students solve problems on math task cards, and if they get the answer right, they take turns spinning the spinner to see how much "math cash" they earn for their correct answers.

Spin 4 Cash and Spin 2 Win Place Value Review Spinner Games from Laura Candler
Spin 2 Win Variation
As soon I as posted this game, I had requests from teachers in other countries who pointed out that that spinning for American money won't work for them. So I quickly improvised and came up with a similar game called Spin 2 Win. Instead of winning cash, students win tokens. Same game, different reward system. Still just as fun!

Both games come packaged together in one zip file so you can take your pick and use the one you like. They have teacher directions, student directions, 24 game cards for whole number place value, an answer key, and a score recording page. There are blank problem card templates for you to create your own problems to go with the game. 

The Common Core Math Standards targeted by this pack are 4th grade NBT.2 and NBT.3, but the activity is also a great review for 5th graders who need a refresher on whole number place value, including rounding and comparing numbers. Because it includes blank problem cards, you can actually adapt it for almost any math concept or skill level. Spin 4 Cash or Spin 2 Win would be perfect for starting off the year when you need to review place value. This Place Value Spinner Review game pack is available from my TeachersPayTeachers store

You can also find loads of place value freebies in my math file cabinet Whole Numbers page. I hope you find these resources helpful when you head back to school. 

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