July 3, 2012

Getting Started with Power Reading Workshop

Summer was always my favorite time to attend a teacher workshop and learn something new. Without the worry of having to plan lessons for a sub, and the concern about dealing with the fall-out on my return, I was free to relax and have fun while learning. Giving up a day of vacation was easy for me if it meant exploring new teaching strategies and networking with other educators.

That's why I'm excited about my upcoming workshop, "Getting Started with Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop," which I'll be teaching with Pat Calfee on July 27th in Raleigh, NC. This workshop is designed for teachers who have never used a reading workshop approach, and we'll explore the step-by-step strategies to make the process easy and fun. Pat and I taught this workshop together in January, and everyone had a great time! More importantly, they learned information that will have a significant impact on their reading instruction. In the words of one attendee who is a Literacy Coach,
"As a reading specialist, I am so eager to go back to my school and share the guided reading/ independent conferring concept with the teachers in my building. The most valuable aspect of the workshop was understanding that you do not have to do "centers" to construct a good reader's workshop." ~ Monique Douglas
Registration Information
Everyone who attends the session will receive a free copy of my book Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop. The deadline for registering is June 15th, and you can download the registration form from the Power Reading Workshop page. If your school cannot send a purchase order now, you can attend by having an administrator sign the Payment Authorization Form to guarantee payment after the workshop.

Other Workshop Opportunities
If you aren't able to attend this public session, one of us would love to a present teacher workshop on site at your school or in your district. You can find descriptions of all four popular workshops as well as contact information on the Workshops page on my site, or email workshops@lauracandler.com. I hope to see you at a teacher workshop soon!

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