January 11, 2013

Top Resources Recommended by Teachers

Last week I shared a list of my top freebies in my TeachersPayTeachers store according to numbers of downloads and ratings. Then I asked my followers to help me pick the top products by recommending their favorites. Over 125 people participated, and I sorted the results to find out the top recommendations. I loved reading everyone’s reasons for recommending them! The 6 items below were the top choices, and rather than telling you about them myself, I’ve decided to include two teacher recommendations for each title. You can also click each cover image to visit a page in my TpT store where you can download a complete preview of the item.
Graphic Organizers for Reading: Teaching Tools Aligned with the Common Core (See it on TpT)
I have this book, as well as Power Reading Workshop, and I love them both!  The organizers are so easy to choose and work with (especially love the Common Core alignment.)  I choose an organizer and do an example by myself, the next day, we do the same organizer, different prompt together (that stays in their binders) and the following day, same organizer, different prompt is homework. It's quick and easy for assessment, I can do a quick "interview" for those who have trouble writing - but I'm getting the needed info! ~ Hillary Moldovan
I LOVE using graphic organizers with my speech students. These tools give them an opportunity to tap in to their learning. Not every organizer works for every student, so I like to provide my students with many options for them to choose from. ~ Jocelyn Kupperman

Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide (See it on TpT)
This product has become my reading teaching bible for beginning my year.  Before I bought this item, I always struggled with starting an effective reading workshop.  But, now that I have this, I have a step-by-step guide on how to get my school year started successfully, while getting my students excited to read. ~ Jenny Washburn
This step-by-step guide is simply a fabulous way begin teaching reading using Readers' Workshop. The resources are already selected, the activities are perfectly designed around the texts, all of which allows the teacher to completely immerse students in the structures of the workshop. Having used the guide I can enthusiastically recommend it as a foolproof, fun, easy to use resource! ~ Amy Nash

Talking Sticks Discussions (See them on TpT)
I love this product because it's such a great review for reading. I've used it after read-alouds and my students all have the opportunity to share their thoughts and understanding about the book. I like the way it's laid out the questions are very thought-provoking. ~ Jessica Gunderson
This is another product I have purchased on TPT. I just bought it recently and have not been able to implement it into my curriculum yet but I am excited to be able to expose my student to this type of discussion in all content areas using the questions provided. This is a big part of the new Common Core and this resource is perfect for students to be able to explain their findings and thoughts in all areas while using the talking sticks concept which I have used for book discussions. ~ Kellie White
Daily Math Puzzlers Series (See them on TpT)
I like the multi-step problems that make my students walk through each step to prove their answer- it has challenged even my higher students and kept them on their toes!!! ~ Sarah Vasquez Kramer
I have found the program to be an excellent supplement to Math Expressions. I generally use it twice a week for morning work, and then have the students share their work on the document camera. I have also used these as a group or small group activity when introducing a new concept - in order to find out where students are in their reasoning and thinking. The structure of your program has particularly worked for one of my students with Aspergers. He started with Level A as he had difficulty with 2 step problems. He worked through some of Level A, Level B with help and then on his own, and Level C the same, help when needed, but more on his own as the year progressed. I am a firm believer in the power of your Math Puzzler Program!  ~ Cheryl Hackinen
Mastering Math Facts: Multiplication and Division (See it on TpT)
Last year was my first year in third grade. I was fortunate to find Laura's "Mastering Math Facts". My students were all able to go on to fourth grade knowing their multiplication!   And we had a ball using the ice cream theme to do it!  We celebrated at the end of the year with an ice cream party to celebrate our success!  Thank you! ~ Judi Robertson
I have used Mastering Math Facts for 2 years now.  I have found it to be a very effective and time efficient way to teach and test students to master their facts.  They love the games, and they are motivated to keep working so they can color in their ice cream sundae and enjoy an ice cream party! ~ Debbie Tice
Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy (See it on TpT)
Before I bought this item, I spent a lot of time trying to find resources to help me get Book Clubs started in my classroom, and I still wasn't getting the results that I hoped for. Laura's Classroom Book Clubs has everything you need to get Book Clubs started in your classroom from rubrics to student self-reflections to journal prompts.  It was exactly what I was looking for! ~ Jenny Washburn
Learning is a social experience and using Literature Circles promotes reading, as well as, learning. I believe that any product that makes collaborative learning manageable should be in every teachers tool box. ~ Alicia Benton
Top Resource Recommendations
There you have it! Thanks to everyone who took time to fill out the form and let me know your favorite resources in my TpT store. If you missed last week's blog post with my top freebies, you can read the blog post, Laura Candler's Best Resources on TpT. If you have any favorites, I'd love to hear about them. Don't forget to follow me on TpT to find out when I add new freebies and resources!

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