Thursday, March 7, 2013

20 Terrific Presentation Tech Tools for Kids

Last week I posted what I thought was a simple question on Facebook, but little did I know that it was going to result in an avalanche of responses! I was working on updating my U. S. States and Regions Project freebie, and I wanted to know if teachers could recommend some great online presentation tech tools for kids. Holy moly! I had no idea there were so many exciting apps and online tools for developing classroom presentations! Someone asked if I could compile them, and of course I agreed. But instead of grabbing the comments from Facebook, I decided to create a really useful resource by asking for more detailed recommendations about how teachers were actually using these tools.

Collaborative Presentation Tech Tool Project
Naturally, I used an online tool to set up this collaborative project. I put together a Google Doc form and asked educators to contribute their ideas. Over 80 suggestions were submitted, but I've distilled them down to the 20 terrific tools listed below. I didn't have room in this blog post to include all of the wonderful recommendations, so be sure to download the complete 10-page freebie from my TeachersPayTeachers store. You'll find links to each of these tech tools in that document.

20 Terrific Presentation Tech Tools
  1. Blabberize
  2. Educreations
  3. Glogster EDU
  4. Google Drive Presentations
  5. Haiku Deck
  6. Instagram
  7. Pearltrees
  8. Popplet
  9. Prezi
  10. Screenr
  11. ShowMe
  12. Sliderocket
  13. Storybird
  14. TimeGlider
  15. Toontastic
  16. Videolicious
  17. Voice Thread
  18. Voki
  19. Weebly
  20. Xtranormal
Editable Student List of Tech Tools
I thought I was finished with this project last night, and then I had an ah-ha moment. As a teacher, I know I would want a handout to give my students with just a little information about each tool. So I've created an editable student list of these terrific tools in Word format that you can customize. Delete the tools that aren't relevant to your class and add your own. It doesn't have all the tech tool images, but I knew most of you would prefer a simple 2-page document to give your students instead of that 10-page document for teachers! You can download both items from my TpT store.

Share How You've Used Tech Tools
I want to wrap this up by thanking the teachers who contributed to this project. I'm so pleased with the result and I couldn't have done it without your help! I'd also like to invite readers to contribute your own ideas. Have you used any of these tech tools before? Which ones are your favorites? How did you use them in your class? What other tools have you used that are not included on this list? Please share how you've used online tech tools or mobile apps in your classroom. Kids are so motivated by being able to create with these tools, and we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas. Let's keep the collaboration going!


  1. Hi, I didn't see Present.Me on your list of resources. I just found out about the site while I was blog hopping this week. I introduced it to my class today and they are super excited about using the tool to record video narration to go along with the plot pyramid PowerPoints they started working on at the beginning of this week. It is worth checking out if you never used it. ~Stacy @

    1. Thanks for sharing, Stacy! There were 80 suggestions to sift through and I had to narrow them down to a manageable number, but I'm happy when people share even more great tools!

  2. Laura,

    This is great! Thanks so much for organizing this for everyone to benefit.


    Erin Klein

  3. Puppet Pals is another great one. My fifth graders found this easy to use to create stories with different characters and backgrounds. There is a $2.99 version that allows you to upload your own pictures for backgrounds and characters.

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  5. Just an update. Xtranormal no longer exists. Unfortunately, I found this out while trying to use it in class. Just my luck. hah

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