May 24, 2013

Set Your Compass for Classroom Success!

A few weeks ago I received a box in the mail, and I was so excited when I saw it was from Compass Publishing! I tore open the box to get my first look at Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core. This was the 3rd book that I had published with Compass, and I was every bit as thrilled to hold a copy in my hands as I had been with the other two. As I pulled one out and admired the beautiful glossy cover, I decided that it was time to formally thank Compass Publishing for their awesome work. My blog is the perfect place to do that!

Compass Publishing is an imprint of Brigantine Media, and I first learned about Brigantine Media a few years ago when I was seeking a publisher for my ebook, Empowering Readers. I wanted to find a company that would allow me to be actively involved in making decisions throughout the publication process, and I was impressed by my initial conversations with Janis Raye and Neil Raphel of Brigantine Media. I signed on with them and we immediately began working on the print version of Empowering Readers, which was later renamed Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-step Guide. A year later, we published Graphic Organizers for Reading: Teaching Tools Aligned with the Common Core, and I was just as pleased with that book as I was with the first one. Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core is the most recent book in this collection. You can click the image below to learn more.

Compass Publishing Launched
A few months after we began working together, I learned that Janis and Neil decided to create an entire division devoted to educational publications. They selected the name Compass because they wanted their books to serve as navigational guides for educators. Compass immediately began seeking outstanding teachers with novel ideas to share, and they started developing their line of high-quality educational materials.

In early March, Compass Publishing was officially launched on a brand new website at with two dozen authors and a great collection of educational books. Later that month I was thrilled to meet Janis and Neil at the NC Reading Association Conference where they had traveled as a part of the Compass Publishing launch. It was fun to get to know the two people who had been so instrumental in helping me create three great books. Here we are in front of the Compass booth; I'm in the middle.

Why is Compass Publishing so unique? For one thing, they work closely with their teacher-authors to create resources that are practical, professional, and proven to work. Janis has been my editor on all three books, and she did an outstanding job with helping me organize and shape my content so that’s it’s easy to read and understand. Also, many of their products are aligned with specific Common Core State Standards and those standards are listed right in the book. The graphic design work at Compass is exceptional, too. Jacob Grant has a unique style that brings both the student and teacher pages to life without being distracting. I also like how Compass has embraced the digital revolution by offering their teacher books in both print and ebook format; in fact, in most cases you can get the digital version free with any print purchase. This is certainly true for my three books.

Enter to Win on Facebook
Would you like to win a copy of one of my books? Compass has just launched a new Facebook page, and they’re promoting a contest right now to give away a print copy of any of their books to 5 of their fans! When you like their page, you can immediately download several freebies, and you can enter your email address if you want to win a book. Go to the Compass Facebook page to get started. Please share the contest with others, because when they hit 500 fans, they will randomly choose 5 winners. If you win, you can choose any print book of your choice from their website!

Now you know why I’m thankful to have found Compass Publishing and why I think this company is so special. I appreciate the time, care, and attention to detail that they’ve shown when working on all three of my books. I can honestly say that when you purchase one of their products, you are setting your compass for classroom success!

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