January 16, 2014

Winter Olympics: Let the Games Begin!

Guest blog post by Wise Guys

Winter Olympics: Let the Games Begin!

The 2014 Winter Olympics are fast approaching! This is a great time to get students engaged in learning in your classroom. Since the Winter Olympics happen during the school year only every four years, don't forget to take advantage of the excitement and education that can be taking place in your classroom! Here are two freebies that will make it easy for you to incorporate the upcoming Olympics into your instruction. 

#1 The Decimal Olympics

Students will love this cooperative game in which they compete against other teams in the class in a fast paced Decimal Olympics! All events center around using decimals to solve problems. Events include the Airplane Toss, the Hopping Race, the Decimal Card Race, and Story Problems. You don't need a ton of materials for the events; a stop watch, some paper, some tape, a scissors, and some pencils will do the trick. If you click here you will receive this great resource FREE! Below is a picture of a student sorting the cards in The Decimal Card Race event. He has to put them in order from smallest to largest in the fastest time!

#2 Winter Olympics Bingo
This fun bingo game will help your students learn more about the 2014 Winter Olympics! Included is a student bingo sheet for them to fill out, winter Olympic words for them to choose from, and teacher cards to cut out to call off the words. This will be a fun way to learn more about the Olympics! Click here to download for FREE. There is a sample picture below of what words the students will use.

The Olympics give athletes around the world a chance to compete for a chance for the ultimate goal of being rewarded with a gold, silver, or bronze medal. As educators, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to make our instruction relevant to the lives of our students - whether it be special holidays, interesting current events, honoring veterans, etc. The Olympics are no different. We need to take the excitement that embodies the Olympics and incorporate activities into our instruction to make our instruction more meaningful. Even within the rigor of the classroom, we have found that students are excited with new ideas- a little change.

Let the Games begin!
Brian and Eric from Wise Guys have combined over 30 years teaching experience in the intermediate and middle school levels. They pride their teaching style on creating resources that are creative, meaningful, and aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Their belief is that all students can learn provided the proper motivation and instruction. Their passion is teaching, and it shows. You can find the Wise Guys store on TPT here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Wise-Guys

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