May 9, 2014

Just Task Cards

Task cards have been popping up everywhere, and both teachers and kids love them! I first started using task cards 20 years ago when I became fully trained in cooperative learning, and I began creating them for activities in my classroom. As a result, most of my products include sets of task cards to use with the games and activities described in the packet.

However, it recently occurred to me that many teachers don't need the games and lesson ideas ... they just need task cards to go with their own activities.

New Task Card Mini Packs
With that in mind, I've started creating task card sets to use with active engagement strategies. Each set includes 30 cards in both color and black and white as well as answers to print on the back. Each packet also include a separate answer key and blank recording pages. Take a look at these sets of Division Task Cards to see what's included.

What you won't find is directions for using the cards. But that's not a problem because my Teaching Resources website and blog are both filled with cooperative learning activities that you can adapt by using these task cards. Take a look at Showdown or Numbered Heads Together for two great cooperative learning lessons! These cards would also be great for whole class games like Scoot or for center activities.

My ebook, Math Stations for Middle Grades, includes a game called "Math Race" that can easily be adapted to any content area by just adding different task cards.

What Task Cards Do You Need?
So.... what sets of task cards do you need for your classroom? Tell me what you want, and if you are the first to suggest the set, I'll send it to you for free if I decide to create it! Just complete this Google Doc form and let me know. If you have more than one idea, fill out the form once for each idea. Provide as much detail as possible about the types of questions or problems you want and include your grade level in your request. Thanks for your help!

What are some ways that you use task cards in your classroom?

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