June 7, 2014

Connect and Collaborate on Facebook!

When Facebook first appeared on the scene, I had no idea that it would one day be such a blessing for educators! However, it has proven to be an awesome way to connect and collaborate with like-minded teachers who love what they do! I created the Teaching Resources Facebook page back in 2008 as a companion to the Teaching Resources website, and it has taken off in amazing ways. It now has over 430,000 followers; just take a look at the Facebook widget in the sidebar for the exact count.

If you don't follow the Teaching Resources page, head over there right now and click the Like button. Be sure that "Get Notifications" is checked underneath. Scroll down the page to read the posts. You'll find a nice mix of teacher questions and answers, links to freebies, links to great blog posts, cartoons, and quotes. I try to provide a little something for everyone!

A New Look for Teaching Resources
I'm excited that my page just got a brand new look! I had the Facebook cover image redesigned by Custom Fan Page Designs, and I think they did a great job! What do you think? The pictures are from my classroom, and I like the new cover image because it captures a little more of the spirit of the teacher in me.

Facebook Fan Freebie
I appreciate my Facebook Fans, so I've created a new Facebook Fan Freebie section on the page. Look on the left sidebar of the Facebook page and click the Fan Freebie link. For right now, you'll find this free set of School Year Calendar 2014-2015. From time to time, I'll add something new. Be sure to download this item while it's free on my page!

12 Reasons Fans Say They Follow Teaching Resources
A few weeks ago, I asked the fans of the page why they choose to follow me on Facebook. I loved reading all of the responses, but these 12 reasons were the ones that really stood out.
  1. Joy Hollander: You have provided a "safe place" for teachers to share, collaborate, commiserate, applaud, question, and discuss...all the while giving us incredible resources to use in our classrooms which enhance teaching and student engagement!
  2. Kyra Carr: I would hope as a good teacher I will always want to improve and change. Teaching Resources always has good, fun ideas and I like that you are always highlighting other people as well--a definitely professional attitude and environment.
  3. Jackee Pruitt: I follow you, because I am currently ending my student teaching and getting ready to graduate, I need to follow real mature material and that is what you offer, you have materials that I would consider equal or way above the materials that cost $29.99 a year for manufactured lessons. I hope this makes sense to you, and also I am becoming a teacher in my second life after over 25 years in social service. Good luck in July, have fun!
  4. Andrew Ash: Principally because I'm lazy, lack creativity and original thought...This being the case, stealing ideas from others helps me to maintain a mask of competency. :-)
  5. Kim Friedel: When I read a question from fellow educators it feels good to know that at times we all have a struggle. When I have an answer to a fellow educator's question it feels good to know that I could help another.  When I've used a suggestion from this sight - it feels good to know there is a place, with real people IN THE CLASSROOM,  that I can go to get help.
  6. Candace Winn: I have enjoyed your presentations at conferences several times. The creative bone was left out of my body, so I have turned to you and your filing cabinet to teach creatively. My students do not realize they are learning because they are having so much fun!. Thank you, Thank you for all the time and energy you put into all that you do!
  7. Maureen Smith: This is a great place to interact with teachers that I would never have the opportunity to learn from otherwise. People that post here are thoughtful and are serious about what they are doing. I have posted questions before and have always been happy with the responses that I have received. Thank you for doing this.
  8. Susie Morris: I follow it because once upon a time I was a teacher assistant and was able to see you work magic live and in person, so this is a way to learn even more! I am a special education teacher in VA. When I get discouraged your ideas and words of encouragement keep me going.  Thanks.
  9. Kerren Crawford: I follow because in New Zealand resources are ridiculously expensive. I can purchase products very cheaply and in less than 15 minutes I can have then printed off or filed away on my computer ready to use. I love it
  10. Cindy Lou: I initially followed your blog because of the quality of your materials. I first came across your materials while I was substitute teaching. Now that I have been receiving your newsletter, have purchased more materials, and interact more often through this page, I value a few things the most. First of the, the positive tone encourages me. Secondly, the high quality of materials and attention to best practices is extremely important to me. Finally, the networking with other professionals provides me with continued education. It also helps that there are many free and reasonably priced materials and my students love them!!
  11. Blake Woods: I am a substitute teacher, looking for full time work in the FALL...and I'm always watching for ideas and things for my files for my future job!!
  12. April Wolf: IDEAS!  I also love collaborating with wonderful teachers from all over the world. We can pick each other up when we are down and celebrate great success together.
Thanks to everyone who shared their reasons for following the Teaching Resources Facebook page. It was really gratifying to know that the time and effort I put into the page is making a difference!


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