October 26, 2011

Featured Freebies on Teaching Resources!

If you've visited my Teaching Resources site, you know that there are dozens and dozens of free printables in my virtual File Cabinet. But the problem is that you have to click on the file names and wait for a PDF to open to see what each file looks like. That takes time, and not having an image means you can't "pin" anything if you are using Pinterest to gather teaching ideas.

So I've decided to feature several free files on each page and create images of those Featured Freebies. I've already created a row of freebie images on several pages. Here's the one on my Odds N Ends page.

See how easy it is to find something you like at a glance? If you're a Pinterest fan, you can easily pin these images to any of your boards. I've just started some boards there myself; feel free to follow me there if you have an account.

Here's where I need your help. I don't know which items should be featured because I have no way of knowing which files are most helpful to teachers. Over the next few days and weeks I'll be posting questions on my Teaching Resources page on Facebook about each page as I begin to set up the Featured Freebie section. Let me know which items on the page you think should be featured and why. Have you used some of those items with your students? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences!

Today I'm going to begin working on my Cooperative Learning page. So if you have any preferences for what goes in the Featured Freebie section, please let me know by writing your suggestions on this blog post or posting them on Facebook. In fact, if you read this post before Friday, October 28th, you can enter a Facebook contest by posting your thoughts there! You could win $20 worth of teaching materials from my site! Thanks for your help!

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