December 20, 2011

Power Reading Workshop Autographed for You!

Have you ever had an idea you wish you had dreamed up a week ago? That's how I felt today! A fellow blogger wanted to order a copy of my Power Reading Workshop book as a gift for someone and have me autograph it before sending to them. The ordering process needed to be a little different because normally books are shipped directly from the publisher. However, we worked out an arrangement and the book is on its way.

Then I began wondering if anyone else might like to order a copy of Power Reading Workshop and have it personally autographed and sent as a gift. Or maybe someone would want their own autographed copy! So I decided to set up a special ordering page to handle those types of orders. All you do is order the book from this page and then send me an email with the information regarding who it should be autographed to and where the book should be sent. The whole process is described on the "autographed copy" book page.

I'm not sure if this will interest anyone, but I wish the inspiration had hit me last week! Since that didn't happen, the best I can offer that if you order a book today (Tuesday), I'll try to get it out in the mail tomorrow via Priority Mail and it might still arrive by Christmas! Even if the book doesn't get there by Christmas, I'm sure that this gift will be much appreciated when it does arrive! Happy holidays to you!

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  1. Dear Laura:
    This is such a good idea and really helped me with my holiday shopping! Any elementary teacher would love a book from you, especially an autographed copy. I didn't know you offered this option. Great idea! Carolyn


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