May 2, 2012

Favorite FREE Teacher Websites

Last week for my Facebook Friday Giveaway question, I asked teachers to share their favorite free websites. Over 40 people responsed in less than 24 hours! I recognized some of the websites as my long-time favorites, but many of them were new to me. As I clicked through to check them out, I realized that it was quite an awesome collection!

I decided to compile the entire list and upload it to my website for others to use a a resource. You can download this 5-page list of Favorite Free Websites for Teachers by clicking the link or the image. I realize that a few of the sites aren't 100% free, but I left them on the list if they had some valuable free resources in addition to the premium features. The list is presented in no particular order and is mostly arranged in the order they were submitted. Thanks to everyone who responded to the question. Don't forget to check my Facebook page every Friday for your chance to win $20 worth of teaching resources!

Important Note: I revised and update the list  on May 19th to correct a link error. It was brought to my attention that the link for the Bang on Time website on the original document went to a very inappropriate website. I had used the Bang on Time interactive game with my own students, but apparently the link that was submitted to me on Facebook was not the one I had used before! I found the correct link and updated the document. Please delete that document and download a new copy which will say "Updated May 19, 2012" under the title. I apologize for the error. Perhaps the link was correct when it was submitted and was later was purchased by another company, but the correct link goes straight to the source of the activity.

What are some of your favorite free websites for teachers and how do you use them in your classroom? Please share!


  1. I can't find the list. Am I missing something?

    1. No, you weren't missing something! The blog post was! The links went to the wrong location. I have corrected them but you might have to refresh your browser to get the corrected links. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Love this list! I keep a running list of sites on my blog (mostly for the kids to use during centers or at home). I will have to update it again with some of the sites from your list! Thanks for compiling it all!

    My new favorite site is: Tagxedo. The students can create word art in various shapes and colors! I posted one that my first graders created for our student teacher on my Facebook Page. Check it out! :)

    Learning is a Journey
    Polka Dot Parlor

  3. Why do you have some listed more than once? (starfall)

  4. Hi Laura, I thought you might want to know about this free teacher's & parents resource also. The site is which is a free online interactive children's book library along with free personalized downloadable coloring books.

    I just wanted to inform you since I know you are always interested in quality free kids resources. We also have a free series coming in a few weeks where the kids can upload their face to an animated video song that will teach them positive values. So they'll be singing away, while watching themself as the star and learning positive values all at once.

    My Pinterest profile in case you want to see is
    I have all the stories listed on the first row of my profile

    Would love to here from you and feel free to contact with me on Pinterest or email me which is andrew at

  5. Thanks for this Laura! I use lots of great websites in my classroom. Some of these are new to me! Yay!

    All Students Can SHINE

  6. That's an interesting list! Thank you for sharing!!

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  8. I like math puzzles so I like I subscribed to their mailing list and they send me a free monthly puzzle pack to print out with a variety of difficulty levels for students.

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