August 27, 2012

Inspire with Free Motivational Goal Quotes

Teach Kids How to Achieve Their Dreams

One of the most important lessons we can teach our students is how to set goals and create action plans to achieve their dreams. When I started teaching my students about goal setting, I began sharing inspirational quotes with them and using those quotes to spark discussion.

When I wrote my ebook, Classroom Goal Setting, I included a page of quotes to make it easy for teachers to discuss the ideas with their students. Now I'm excited to share a PowerPoint I created with each motivational goal quote displayed on its own beautiful nature photo. Having all of the goal quotes together in one presentation will make it even easier to motivate and inspire your students! In addition to the PowerPoint, you'll receive 10 individual JPG image files similar to the ones shown here.

How can you receive this beautiful collection of images? The Motivational Goal Quote collection is available to Candler's Classroom Connections subscribers, and it's easy to sign up. Visit the Motivational Goal Quotes page on Teaching Resources to find out how.

Already a subscriber? Of course you want your copy, too! Just find a recent edition of Candler's Classroom Connections newsletter in your email inbox and look for the link to the newsletter freebies page. You can download both the PowerPoint show and the set of images from that page.

I loved working on this project because it was a fun collaborative family effort. About half the photos were taken by me, and the others were taken by my sister, Sheila Colby. The quotes were overlaid onto the images using Photoshop by my daughter, Amy Candler.

We hope you are inspired by both the words and images!

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