August 9, 2012

Your Wishes Can Come True!

Back to School Pack and a Freebie!

For the past few weeks I've been working on project, and I'm excited that it's finally ready to share with others! Back to School Super Start Pack is a mega pack of strategies, printables, and activities to help you get your school year off with a bang! After 30 years of teaching, I tweaked my "back to school" routine until it worked perfectly. I learned the importance of teaching a variety of lessons to create a caring classroom while at the same time establishing the rules and procedures needed for effective instruction. I discovered that starting the year with these lessons virtually guaranteed that the rest of the year would be terrific! I also learned how to reach out to parents using strategies such as the Wish Upon a Star freebie shown here.

Wish Upon a Star Display
As you set up your classroom this year, I'm sure you'll find yourself wishing for many things to make your room more inviting or productive. It's not always the big things like the iPads and the Smartboards. Sometimes it's the little things like tennis balls to make "chair socks" so you don't have to hear the constant scraping of chairs all day. Or having extra pillows or a beanbag chair to make a cozy reading corner.

What you need is a way to let your parents know what you want for your classroom. The Wish Upon a Star display shown here is similar to the Angel Tree concept you've seen at Christmas. I post the title on a board and surround it with stars displaying the individual items I'm requesting. During Open House or on the first day of school, I invite parents to take a star and return it attached to the item. I'm always sure to include a variety of items on the stars, from inexpensive items like tennis balls and extra tissue to larger items like folding chairs, bean bags, or gift cards to a local book store. Many years I've received everything I wished for!

Wish Upon a Star is a part of my Back to School Super Start Pack, but you can also download it as a free sample of what's inside. I hope that you and your students have a super start to the 2012-2013 school year! What items do you plan to include on the wishing stars on your board?

Laura Candler, Teaching Resources


  1. Thank you so much for this freebie- I will definitely be using this in my classroom this year!

    :) Ashley
    The Real Teachr: Tips, Tricks, Freebies and Everyday Ideas for Real Teachers

  2. I can't find the star without preview on it.

  3. Click on the words Wish Upon a Star in the blog post and it will take you to the Back to School pack page. You'll find the freebie in the sidebar on that page. I just checked and it doesn't say preview.

  4. Thanks--I am definitely going to use these this year. New grade and class--I am excited preparing.


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