October 12, 2012

Explore This LiveBinder of Webinar Resources

5 Amazing Web Tools Webinar Collection

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a free webinar, 5 Amazing Web Tools for Classroom Collaboration. My part of the webinar was easy; all I had to was to introduce the 5 terrific, tech-savvy educators who were the superstars of the session! Joan Young, Suzy Brooks, Erin Klein, Paula Naugle, and Lisa Dabbs were the featured experts, and each one of them shared a favorite (free!) web tool for classroom collaboration. They introduced us to Animoto, Kidblog, ClassDojo, LiveBinders, and how to use Skype in the classroom.

As Lisa wrapped up the webinar by sharing about LiveBinders, an online tool for curating resources, I mentioned that it would be a perfect way to gather all of the links, documents, and videos shared during the session. But just between you and me, I was wondering when I would have time to create such a comprehensive collection.

Imagine my surprise when Peggy George, one of my moderators, emailed me the very next day to say that she had created a massive LiveBinder with EVERYTHING from the webinar and more! Not only did she include all the links related to each of the 5 web tools, she also included links to many of my teaching resources and social networks. When you click to enter the Amazing Web Tools Webinar LiveBinder, you can use the tabs across the very top to navigate to the different sections that include information about each presenter as well as links and resources for the web tool she shared. After she shared this LiveBinder link with me, I asked her to add a tab for Classroom 2.0 Live, a series of webinars that she co-hosts on Saturday mornings. If you enjoy this webinar, you'll love her sessions, too!

You can go straight to the Amazing Web Tools Webinar LiveBinder, or you can start on my Whiteboards and Web Tools page on Teaching Resources where you'll find the webinar recording and other links, including the LiveBinder. If you missed the webinar, I hope you'll take time to watch the session this weekend. I know you'll be motivated and inspired to try at least one of the amazing web tools shared in the webinar.

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