October 1, 2012

New Webinar: 5 Amazing Web Tools

Note: The webinar described in this post took place on October 10th. 2012. However, you can watch a free recording of this webinar on Laura Candler's Whiteboards and Web Tools page.

Collaboration is the name of the game in education, and that's why I'm excited to host this upcoming live webinar! The internet has transformed the way we interact with others, and Web 2.0 tools provide amazing opportunities for students to collaborate with their classmates and even with other students around the world.

Recently I've been learning how many teachers are using web tools in creative ways, and I invited five outstanding educators to share their experiences in a webinar. I'm thrilled that the tech-savvy teachers below accepted my offer, and each of them will explain how to use a favorite web tool to foster classroom collaboration. 

5 Amazing Educators Share Their Favorite Web Tools 
Let's take a peek at the web tools we'll explore and the educators who will share their expertise with us:
  1. Animoto - Erin Klein of the Kleinspiration blog will share how she uses Animoto with her 2nd graders. With Animoto, your students can collaborate to create exciting videos from their digital photos, video clips, and music.
  2. LiveBinders - LiveBinders is a free online tool that's like having a 3-ring binder on the web for organizing and storing resources. Lisa Dabbs, creator of the Teaching With Soul blog, will share how to use LiveBinders with students.
  3. Skype - You've probably heard of Skype, and more than likely, you've used Skype yourself. It's a free video calling service where you can talk to friends and family face to face via the Internet. But have you tried using Skype in the classroom? Fourth grade teacher Paula Naugle will share how she uses Skype to enable her students to connect with other students around the world. Paula's blog is appropriately titled, PLN - Not Just My Initials.
  4. Kidblog - Kidblog is a safe environment for students to blog, and over a million K-12 students have a voice there. Fourth grade teacher Joan Young will share how her students are using Kidblog in creative ways. You can find Joan's blog at Allkidscanflourish.blogspot.com.
  5. ClassDoJo - ClassDoJo is a behavior management tool that teachers and students seem to love! Suzy Brooks of the Technically Invisible blog is a fan of this web tool, and she's going to share how she uses it for more than behavior management in her 3rd grade classroom.

Free Interactive Webinars
I thoroughly enjoy presenting webinars because they're interactive and fun! You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, collaborate with other teachers, and contribute your suggestions using the chat box in Blackboard Collaborate. I invite you to visit my Webinar page on Teaching Resources to learn about the webinar recordings that are available right now for you to watch. 

Have you used any of these web tools in your classroom? If so, please plan to attend and share your ideas with us. If you haven't used them, I know that participating in this webinar will inspire you to give one or more of them a try in your classroom this year!


  1. Thank you, Laura for inviting me to be a part of this awesome webinar. I'm looking forward to sharing how I use Skype in my fourth grade classroom to connect and collaborate with other classes.

    1. Paula, we are excited that you will be joining us for this event. Thanks!

  2. Laura, Is it too late to get the link of the recording? I just saw this (9:00 pm, of course!) and am very interested in seeing this and possibly sharing it at a techno presentation I am doing! I tried registering and it said I was too late! Krissy Miner
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

    1. I'm sorry you missed it, but the good news is that we recorded it and I'll post the recording link on my site tomorrow. Go to my Webinars page tomorrow afternoon to find it. We have to turn it into an MP4 recording and that takes a little time. Laura

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