December 8, 2012

Celebrate 12-12-12 with Race to Write 12

Wednesday’s date is December 12th, 2012, otherwise known as 12-12-12. What a unique event, and certainly one worth celebrating! Okay, maybe not a big celebration, but how about taking a few minutes for a cooperative learning game based on the number 12?

The Race to Write 12 game is a fun, fast-paced team builder that you can use this Wednesday or any time of the year when you need an engaging activity that fosters creative thinking and collaboration. You can download it for free from my TeachersPayTeachers store or from the Caring Classroom page on Teaching Resources.

Race to Write 12 involves students working in teams to write a list of 12 items as described on a topic card selected by the teacher. Each group races against the other teams to be the first to complete this task. The team that lists 12 acceptable items first wins the round and collects the topic card. This freebie comes with 10 prepared topic cards, and I included a template you can use to create your own to modify the activity for your own students. You can also adapt the game to a specific subject area by creating cards with topics related to that subject. For example, in math, your topics could include, “Units of Measurement,” “Polygons,” or “Multiples of 12.” In science, your topics could include “Mammals,” “Landforms,” “Examples of Liquids.” The possibilities are endless!

Race to Write 12 is a simple game that your students will love. Taking time for special activities like this one will foster a sense of classroom community among your students. Visit the Caring Classroom page on Teaching Resources for more cooperative learning activities and classroom management strategies. Hope your class finds 12-12-12 to be a memorable and fun day!


  1. I love your freebie! I mentioned this post on my blog post for ideas to celebrate 12-12-12!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. Great ideas thanks for sharing. Please feel free to link up to my 12/12/12 party.


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