January 8, 2013

Upper Elementary Seasonal Resources

Great Seasonal Teaching Resources and a Freebie!
Doing the same thing every day in the classroom is a recipe for boredom, so it’s fun to teach seasonal lessons from time to time to spice things up and engage students. Because most teachers don’t have time to waste, it’s important to select seasonal activities that are strong on content or those that provide opportunities to practice needed social skills. It can be difficult for upper elementary teachers to find seasonal activities that are fun yet meaningful, so I’d like to share a few places where you can always find them. Take a look!

Seasonal Page on Teaching Resources
If you’ve visited my Seasonal Page on Teaching Resources, you know that I update it each month with new seasonal freebies and resources for upper elementary teachers. You can can click the image on the right, or go to my Teaching Resources website and click on the File Cabinet link to find this page. Bookmark it often and check it often to find these new resources. 

Seasonal Pinterest Board
Another great source of seasonal resources is my Seasonal Teaching Resources board. It's packed with great seasonal resources pinned by over 30 teacher bloggers who post great seasonal teaching resources including lessons, games, crafts, and more. Not everything will be free, but even if an item costs money, it will be a worthwhile, time-saving resource! If you like this board, follow it!

Seasonal Activities Mini Packs
I have to admit that creating seasonal lessons is one of my favorite things to do! Over the years, I created a ton of these resources that I've enjoyed sharing other with teachers. I eventually compiled my very best activities into monthly Seasonal Mini Packs. Each packet includes a variety of lessons for upper elementary students that usually include literacy, math, science, social studies, and team building activities. 

My February Seasonal Activities Mini Pack shown here is absolutely free – all 25 pages of it - so that you can see the types of resources I create and try them out with your students. You can download it from my store on TeachersPayTeachers; please take a moment to rate it and leave a bit of feedback if you like it. Thanks! If you find these materials to be helpful, you might be interested in my other seasonal activity packs. The January Activities Mini Pack has loads of great activities for this month, and you can preview it here. You can find them all here on my Seasonal Mini Pack Page

If you're an upper elementary teacher and haven't used seasonal activities in your classroom, why not give it a try this month? When your students need a change from the regular routine, surprise them by doing something a little different. I think you'll find that taking just 30 minutes a week to do something a little different will rekindle that spark of enthusiasm in your classroom!

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