June 11, 2013

Candler's Classroom Connections News

Are you subscribed to my free newsletter, Candler's Classroom Connections? If not, here are 5 reasons why you might want to sign up. Subscribers receive...
  1. A free newsletter twice a month with helpful resources and links
  2. Free ebooks and digital downloads on the subscriber "freebies" page
  3. A 20% discount code for print/digital combos purchased through my Teaching Resources site
  4. Information about new resources added to my blog, website, and Pinterest boards
  5. Chances to enter contests and win TpT gift certificates and other prizes 

How to Sign up
To sign up, just click this subscription form link and enter your email address. I suggest using your home email address because many school servers block newsletter-type emails. Or if texting is easier, you can text CCC to 42828 and then confirm when you receive a message in return. That's it! If you want to learn more before you subscribe, visit my Candler's Classroom Connections page.

Have You Stopped Receiving Newsletters?
If you think you are already signed up but aren't sure if you are still on the subscriber list, please take a moment to verify your subscription. On June 8th, I removed over 25,000 "non-working" email addresses from my database, and it's possible yours might have been removed accidentally.

How can you tell if your email address was removed? Check your inbox to see if you receive the email shown on the right. It was sent out on June 8th, and if you did not receive it, then you are no longer on my list. Check your spam folders just to be sure.

How To Confirm Your Subscription
Luckily, it's easy to get signed up again or to confirm your subscription if you aren't sure. There are a few steps in the process, so here's what to do:
  1. Go to my Candler's Classroom Connections page on Teaching Resources and sign up in the green box in the sidebar or click this subscription link
  2. If you get a message saying you are already on the list, your email address was originally in my database and may have been removed. 
  3. Click the Submit button and you'll receive an email asking you to update your profile.
  4. Click on the Update Your Profile link which will take you to the last step.
  5. Click the Save Profile Changes link.
When you resubscribe, you won't get the old newsletters sent to you, but you can access them by following the links to the newsletter archive in the welcome email. You should get the next issue of Candler's Classroom Connections in your inbox.

I enjoy writing Candler's Classroom Connections because it's a chance to share helpful teaching tips and strategies with educators. I hope you enjoy reading it and find it to be useful! If you do, please forward it to a friend!

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