October 25, 2013

200,000 Facebook Likes = 2 Giveaways!

Less than a month ago I hosted a giveaway when my Teaching Resources Facebook page hit 100,000 likes. Well, the crazy ride continues and it's soon going to hit 200,000 likes! What?? I am not even going to try to take credit, because I have no idea what's going on. One thing I do know is that the followers of my page are incredibly helpful and offer the best advice when teachers post questions. I'm inspired on a daily basis by the words of wisdom that are shared!

I think the fans of the page are pretty amazing, so I decided to do something to show my appreciation. I'm actually going to do two giveaways, and they'll both begin when the page hits 200,000 likes. Of course if the page hits that number during the night, you'll have to wait until the morning for the giveaways to start. :)

Update: The page hit 200,000 likes at 9 am on October 27th so the giveaways described below have ended.

Giveaway #1
Free October Mini Pack for ALL Fans!

I want everyone to win something, so when the page hits 200,000, I'll make my October Activities from Teaching Resources Mini Pack free for everyone to download for 24 hours! This mini pack is loaded with almost a dozen engaging activities to use in October. Most of the activities are for grades three through five, but if you teach a different grade, I hope you can adapt something. Each activity comes with directions and printables to make them quick and easy to use. When the magic number appears, come back to this page to download your free mini pack.  

Giveaway 2. Post It to Win It ($200 in Prizes)
10 Teachers Will Each Win $20 Worth of Teaching Resources

You've heard of "Pin It to Win It" contests, and I'm borrowing that idea with a twist. Instead of asking you to pin a product that would like to win, I'm asking you to post it on Facebook. Here's how to enter:
  1. Look through my TeachersPayTeachers store to decide which product you hope to win. Copy the URL of the page by right-clicking on it.
  2. Go to the Teaching Resources Facebook Page and find the Post It to Win It status update
  3. Write a comment on that status update telling me which item you would like to win and why you hope to win it. Then paste the URL into your comment so that it links to the product in my TpT store. If you can't post the link, maybe you haven't liked the page yet! :-)
  4. Remember that it has to be one of my products and not someone else's! If the item you win is worth less than $20, I'll let you choose additional items so that your total winnings add up to $20. 
  5. I'll let the giveaway run for a few hours and choose a winner. Be sure that your Facebook settings will allow me to message you because that's the only way I can contact you if you win.
How to Be Notified When the Giveaways Start

What if you miss the big announcement? It could happen because Facebook doesn't automatically send you all posts. To be sure you are seeing all of them, follow the steps shown on the right. Go to the Teaching Resources Facebook Page and like it if you haven't done so. Then hover over the Liked button and it will turn blue. Click the Settings link in the dropdown menu and then select All Updates.

Thanks for being a fan of Teaching Resources on Facebook. If you'd like to know more about the Facebook page and why I started it, please read last month's blog post where I introduced myself and wrote a little about what my Facebook page is ... and what it's not.


  1. Thank you, Laura, for all that you do for teachers and their students!

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