May 20, 2018

Book Donation Bonanza: Free Professional Books for Schools!

The publishing world keeps changing, and sometimes those changes happen so fast we don't see them coming. That's exactly what happened to my publisher, and it's why we're going to be donating thousands of my books to schools over the next few weeks! Power Reading Workshop, Graphic Organizers for Reading, and Mastering Math Facts are each listed for $24.95 on Amazon, but we're going to give them away by the carton! If you aren't familiar with these books, click here and follow the preview links to learn more about them.

Publishers used to print thousands of books at a time which had to be placed in storage until they were purchased, but that was before print-on-demand services like CreateSpace became widely available. This system is less risky and more cost effective because books aren't printed until someone actually places an order. But making the transition to the print-on-demand system can leave publishers stuck with cartons of books that gather dust in a warehouse.
Laura Candler and her publisher will be donating thousands of copies of her books during May and June! Read this post to learn how you can request books for your school or school district! (Deadline for submitting requests is June 25th.)
When my books were published several years ago, Compass Publishing printed thousands of copies of them. These books were kept in storage and used to fill Amazon and TpT orders. But TpT no longer supports hard good sales and the publisher has switched to Amazon's print-on-demand service, so these overstock books are just taking up costly storage space.

Here's the kicker. A few weeks ago, I was notified that Compass Publishing would be losing most of their storage space on July 1st and they were planning to discard any books that were not sold by the end of June!

As you can imagine, I was horrified by the idea that thousands of my books might be thrown into a dumpster when they could be in the hands of teachers! I was sick at heart when I thought of all the teachers who could benefit from these books, yet it appeared that most of them were destined to end up in a landfill. I would much rather give them away than throw them away, so I asked the publishers if we could donate them to schools instead. I wasn't sure they would agree because donating the books would be more work, so I was thrilled when they agreed without hesitation! They did ask that shipping costs be paid in advance by the school or district receiving them which sounds fair to me.

Book Donation Bonanza Titles (Click to learn more about each book) 

Graphic Organizers for Reading Power Reading Workshop Mastering Math Facts

Book Donation Bonanza Details

There are over 3,000 copies of my books remaining in storage, and we want to donate them ALL by the end of June! Click the covers of the three books above to learn more about them, and then read the full details of this offer below.
  • Requests for book donations may be made by schools, school districts, or educational institutions, including colleges or universities with teacher education programs.
  • Books will be donated by the whole carton, and each carton has about 30 books. Graphic Organizers for Reading and Power Reading Workshop each have 32 books per carton, and Mastering Math Facts has 28 books per carton. (Update: Graphic Organizers for Reading is officially sold out!)
  • The organization requesting the books is responsible for paying the shipping cost which is $30 per carton. This offer is only available in the US due to shipping costs.    
  • Payment for shipping must be made in advance or sent with the Book Donation Order form. 
  • Orders will be filled in the order they are received until the inventory is depleted. Originally  this offer was going to end on June 25th, but we've already received so many orders that the books probably won't last that long. 
  • Books will be shipped to the attention of the principal or an administrator.
  • The donated books become the property of the school or educational institution that requested them. If the books are given to educators at the school, they become the property of the recipients, but the books may not be sold for profit. 

How to Request Book Donations for Your School

    To request book donations on behalf of your school or district, follow these steps:

    1. Fill out this Google Doc form let us know that you're planning to submit a request. You'll be asked to provide your contact information and answer a few quick questions about your school or district. 
    2. When you're ready to place an order, enter the details on the Book Donation Order Form. You may fill out the form online before printing it, or print a blank copy to fill out later by hand. If you fill out the form online, you'll need to print it and then scan it before emailing or faxing it to the publisher. 
    3. Send the completed order form with payment for shipping to the Compass Publishing as soon as possible. (Details are on the order form.)

    I'm so thankful that my books will end up in the hands of educators instead of being discarded!

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