February 7, 2016

February Fun - Free Lessons You'll Love!

February is packed with fun holidays, making it a great time to integrate seasonal activities into your lessons. This year we celebrate the Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and Presidents' Day, to name just a few. I'm sure you're aware that it's Black History Month, but I'll bet you didn't know that it's International Friendship Month, too!

Every minute counts during the school day, so seasonal activities MUST meet the same standards we apply to all of our lessons. They must actively engage students and provide opportunities for real learning. It can be challenging for upper elementary teachers to locate meaningful holiday-themed lessons, but it IS possible to find seasonal activities that are both academically rigorous and fun! To see what I mean, download my free February Activities mini pack. This teaching resource is jam-packed with engaging lessons and no-prep printables for February and winter.  Click here to request your free copy now.

By the way, February Activities is just one of the monthly lesson packs in my Seasonal Activities Bundle. If you like this freebie, you'll also enjoy my seasonal activity packs for the other months of the year!