August 24, 2012

Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom

Time management was one of the most difficult aspects of classroom management for me. I loved having my students actively engaged in a hands-on lesson, but those types of lessons are very time-consuming. A quick 30-minute activity would often evolve into an hour-long lesson! A big part of the problem was my lack of time management skills. I would give my students a simple task, intending to allow 5 minutes before moving on to the next step, and the next thing I knew, 20 minutes had passed.

Luckily, my time management skills improved after I had an interactive whiteboard installed in my classroom. I discovered that the built-in Smartboard timer app was a great help, and before long I also discovered a wonderful FREE website with a variety of creative and fun timers. Online Stopwatch has over a dozen timers for counting up and counting down, including the countdown timers shown here. I would assign a task, set the timer to count down, and turn my attention back to my students. Even if I was caught up in an activity and didn't notice the time passing, the online timer would let us know when time was up.

I love these timers because they're fun as well as effective for classroom management, no matter the age of your students. After you set the total time and click the start button, an action occurs on each timer to show the passing time. For example, in the clock timer at the top, the hand on the clock moves and the clock changes from yellow to black. In the bomb timer, the fuse becomes shorter and shorter as it slowly burns towards the bomb. The candle slowly melts as the wick burns, the fuse burns to the bottle rocket, and the sand trickles down through the egg timer. In each case, when the time's up, the timer sounds off dramatically. The only problem with these timers is that they are so exciting that they might actually be distracting! Fortunately, Online Stopwatch does have a few plain timers, too. You can even create your own custom countdown timer by choosing a timer, the ending sound, and other features. I suggest visiting the Classroom Timers page on their site to see the full selection of timers. If you're interested in more classroom and time management strategies, visit the Classroom Management page on Teaching Resources.

Which online timer is your favorite? How do you use timers in your classroom?
Laura Candler


  1. I use the timer that comes with Notebook all of the time, but my students would love something different. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I use the rocket timer. My students like the "TIMES UP" action at the end.

  3. This is my favorite --- they stay quiet as they clean, pack up, etc because they listen to the music! -

    1. thank you so much for sharing! i can't wait to get back to school on monday so i can use one of these!!! :) so fun

  4. I use this website's timers daily with my students as they complete their morning partner work. They LOVE these timers and we are now on a rotation so each student gets a turn picking the timer. I wish there were more choices though! These help keep my students on task and then also have fun; at the end, they "take cover" as the bomb/dynamite etc explodes!

  5. Thank you for the idea...i will share it with my teachers. Really appreciate it.


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