April 23, 2014

Empowering Kids with Multiple Intelligence Theory

BAM Radio Podcast Interview
by Vicki Davis (The Cool Cat Teacher)

Do you follow Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher? As well as being an author, she maintains an awesome blog and shares amazing resources and information for teachers. I've been following her for years, so I was thrilled (and nervous!) when she asked to interview me about my free Multiple Intelligences survey.

I'm going to keep this blog post short so you'll have time to listen to the BAM Radio podcast that was created from our discussion. As Vicki and I explored this topic, I shared how learning about MI theory can impact students in a positive way by empowering them to focus on their strengths.

Getting to Know You Survey
To help my students learn about themselves, I developed a simple one-page, kid-friendly survey, and it worked so well in my classroom that I posted it on my website for others to use with their students. After you listen to the podcast, visit the Multiple Intelligences page on Teaching Resources where you'll find a link to this survey and additional resources about MI theory. Because the survey is a bit unusual, I recorded a slidecast that explains exactly how to administer it and score it; I hope you'll watch that video before you use the survey with your students.

Every Classroom Matters
By the way, this interview was a part of Vicki's series called Every Classroom Matters. She has recorded dozens of interviews with educators, and I urge you to visit her BAM Radio page to check them out. You'll also find her podcasts in the Itunes store - free of course! I appreciate Vicki taking time to talk with me about something that's been near and dear to my heart for many years. I hope you'll find these resources to be just as empowering with your students as I did with mine!


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