August 30, 2014

How to Earn 10,000 Scholastic Bonus Points (It Really Works!)

Amazing system that works like a charm! This freebie from Laura Candler makes it easy for your class to earn massive numbers of Scholastic Bonus Points with a single order!
Who loves Scholastic Reading Club? I do! I do! I love how every month they send a new flyer that's packed with great reading selections. I also love how they reward teachers with bonus points for their classrooms. A few years ago Scholastic started offering a fabulous deal in August and September where you could get thousands of bonus points with your first order.

Of course there was a catch - back then, your order had to be $200 or more. With an order that size, you could get 4,000 bonus points. Wow! I couldn't even begin to imagine what I could do with that many points! I also wondered, "How in the world am I going to get an order that large? Lately I haven't even gotten many $20 orders!"

But I couldn't walk away from a deal that sweet, so I decided to give it a try. I explained Scholastic's offer to my students and put the challenge to them. I told them that we would be able to use those bonus points to buy books and materials for our classroom, and I sent a letter to parents explaining our goal. Amazingly, we not only met that goal but we surpassed it by about $30! My class was thrilled when FOUR big boxes of books showed up a week later! It was exciting to hand out the books, and I loved spending those bonus points on books throughout the year. I was able to purchase dozens of sets of books for literature circles and for my reading workshop program.

Classroom Goal-Setting Lesson
Over the years I tweaked my system and turned it into a complete goal-setting program. I actually used the program as a way of teaching my class how to set goals and create action plans. Every year it worked better and better, and I began to tell other teachers about it.They system worked for them, too! Eventually I typed up detailed directions, complete with a customizable letter to parents, a star-themed poster for tracking our progress, and coupons.

Earn 10,000 Points in 2017
Fast forward to 2017.... This year's minimum is much higher, but the offer also has the potential for much greater rewards. With an order of $300 you can get 10,000 points! The system is basically the same, but it will take a little more persistence to reach the top goal. Don't give up because you can do it!

I recently updated my packet based on the new Scholastic flyers that were sent out, so if you were using my system from last year, please download the new version of How to Earn 10,000 Scholastic Bonus Points from my TpT store. Even if you don't think you can reach a goal of $300, any size order will generate loads of additional points, so why not give it a try?


  1. Since I am an art teacher without a homeroom class, I would be stepping on toes if I ran a sale in my classroom. Scholastic has many great art books and I would love to earn points for book purchases. Do you have any suggestions of how I could accomplish this without spending $300 of my own money?

    1. I just posted your question on Facebook and I hope you get some responses. You have a good point! Please check my Facebook page to see what ideas are shared. Thanks!

  2. You are such a help to us! I appreciate all you do!-Lynnetta Bragdon

  3. Laura, Thank you so much for sharing your method of reaching the milestone of 10,000 bonus points! It really works!!! My co-workers are always amazed at the size of my scholastic orders and are jealous of all my bonus points. I make sure to tell them that I have you to thank. My students and I want to thank you with all of hearts <3

  4. Is this only in the US Scholastic Reading Club? I don't recall seeing that in the Canadian flyers before (and I usually read them pretty carefully).

  5. I just remembered about this post you had. We just started last week and I haven't sent my first order home yet....perfect! Giving this a try! :)

  6. Hi Laura, I have a great idea for your Scholastic points post. Scholastic has a special deal in September where you can buy 32 free book pick coupons for $34. Each coupon is good for a $5 book! These can be used for the rewards you mentioned when students order in September, if you don't want to use your bonus points. Good deal!


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