April 22, 2015

15 Super Gifts for Student Teachers!

Advice from Real Teachers Blog Series

Do you have a student teacher this semester? If so, you might be trying to think of the perfect gift idea! Will it be something that your student teacher will treasure for years? Or will it be something practical to help the teacher-to-be land a job or set up a new classroom?

Last week I asked the fans of my Teaching Resources Facebook page to share the best student teacher gifts they've given or received. Over 250 people responded, and even though there were some duplicates, there were over 150 unique ideas! I read through each and every one and selected 15 to share with you. The ideas below are not listed in any particular order. If you want to read them all, click over to this Facebook post to take a look.

The #1 Gift Idea... 
You know what was suggested over and over as the very best gift for a student teacher? A gift certificate to TeachersPayTeachers! What an awesome idea, and something that's sure to be appreciated! However, I also think it's nice to give something special that your student teacher can keep to remember as a reminder of his or her time with your class. I didn't include the TpT gift card idea as one of the 15 gifts below because it's something that can be added to any of these ideas.

15 Super Gift Ideas for Student Teachers
Read on to discover some truly amazing and creative gift ideas for student teachers! Which one is your favorite? Thanks to everyone who shared a suggestion, whether it ended up on this list or not.
  1. Beth Douglas - I give a teacher "survival" kit...a teacher bag of duct tape, m&ms, Tylenol, red pens, band aids, a coffee mug...all those things a teacher must have to survive!
  2. Amy Bell - Two years ago, my cooperative teacher sent home a letter to the students I had been teaching asking them to bring a little something that I might be able to use in a future classroom.  It was the sweetest thing because the kids were able to pick something for me and I started getting stuff for my classroom. She also had a few things for students who couldn't afford to bring something so they would feel included.  
  3. Tammy Eisenhauer - They threw me a book shower. Each student brought in a new or used book for my first classroom library. They also wrote notes to me on the inside covers. LOVE that I still have these books and precious memories in my class today.
  4. Shauna Isenhour - My cooperating teacher and class painted a chair for me with the kids handprints! I love it!
  5. Teresa Hernandez - When I was a student teacher, I received a gift that made me really teary eyed. A photo album put together by the teacher and parents of pics they had taken throughout the year of the kids (I was in some of the pictures). Each picture was personalized with a caption written by a student that was included in the picture, sharing a special thought or memory. It was very sweet.
  6. Connie Guth - My supporting teacher used the Ellison die cut machine and made me some holiday/seasonal decorations for my first classroom and laminated them!
  7. Vicki Neveils - I received a bag of goodies for teaching. It was amazing. But I also got a few "letters of recommendation" from some students explaining "If I were a principal, I would hire Mrs. Neveils because...." Such an awesome gift to add to my portfolio. They were very touching letters of recommendation.
  8. Neely Swygert - I was given a rolling cart full of supplies I would need: legal pads, pens, pencils, chocolate, nuts, ziplock bags, kleenex, highlighters, lysol wipes, and other awesome stuff.
  9. Rachel Honeybone - Last year when I finished my student teaching the teacher presented me with a book. In were a photo of each of the kids and a personal message from each. It was the sweetest gift I have ever received.
  10. Angela Pappas - Oh the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss! Have everyone sign the front! One of the most memorable gifts I ever received!
  11. Shelley Pace - I usually give them a tool set for the classroom. One of those things you don't know you need till you need it. I attach a note that says, "You have all the tools to be a great teacher. Here are the tools for all the other jobs."
  12. Delaney Lattimer - I got a cute book with " letters of reference." Each 2nd grade student wrote a letter of reference for me to take to an interview! It was fantastic!!!
  13. Candice Raines - My first mentor gave me a lamp on my last day with a sweet card to remind me that I may be the only light in some children's lives. I cried when I received it.
  14. Lisa VanderLugt - I used my Scholastic Bonus Points to "purchase" a box of books for my student teacher to start a classroom library. 10,437 bonus points goes a long way! I also gave him a copy of Teach Like a Champion and Harry Wong's -First Days of School.
  15. Sandra Revie - When I student taught I got a canvas bag with my name and year on it, plus it had each students' hand print on it. I also got a framed picture of me with each student and they made me a card they each signed. I look at the picture at the start of each new year and use the bag often!

If you'd like to share your own gift idea, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. 

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  2. Indeed! Books are best gift idea for a student teacher for its is something valuable and easy to find. :)
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