September 24, 2016

DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding!

Do you spend too much of your own money on classroom supplies and resources? Learn how to tap into the DonorsChoose jackpot of funding so you can get the materials you need without breaking the bank!
Free Webinar for Teachers!

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Do you know about It's an amazing organization that helps public school teachers in the U.S. get funding for their classroom projects. I received thousands of dollars from donors when I was teaching, and now I love telling others about this fantastic organization.

My friend, Francie Kugelman, has experienced amazing success on DonorsChoose, so I invited her to be my guest for a free live webinar. She quickly agreed because she loves to spread the word about DonorsChoose, too!

We're presenting DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding on Sunday, September 25th, at 7:30 pm EST, and we hope you can join us. If you read this post after that date, use the link above to sign up for the replay.

If you're like most teachers, you spend far too much money on classroom supplies and resources, so you owe it to yourself to learn about DonorsChoose.

Francie is a true DonorsChoose expert because she reads and edits project proposals which means she knows exactly how to write them so they have the best chance of getting funded. She's been using DonorsChoose to obtain funding for her classroom, and when you look at her results, it's obvious that her strategies work. Over the last 10 years Francie has had 185 projects funded with a total value of over $112,000! Francie knows every trick in the book when it comes to DonorsChoose, and she's going to reveal all her secrets in the webinar!

We'll also share about the DonorsChoose Caring Classrooms Community that we founded together 3 years ago to help teachers get their projects funded. Due to the generosity of our members and sponsors, our giving community has raised over $227,000 since August 2013, and we've helped to fund hundreds of classroom projects in that time. We hope you'll decide to be become a part of this wonderful community, too!

Francie and I hope you can join us for the live event because it's going to be lots of fun. You'll be able to ask Francie anything you want to know about DonorsChoose, and she'll answer all your questions. The best part is that if you apply her strategies and techniques, you'll see for yourself why is a jackpot of classroom funding!

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