March 7, 2017

Arr, Me Hearties! Island Conquer Gets a Pirate Makeover!

Do you recognize the Island Conquer math game freebie below? If you've been following my blog for a few years, you probably recognize the name but the freebie itself definitely has a new look!

Island Conquer Area & Perimeter is one of my most popular freebies, and I recently gave it a pirate makeover! Arr, me hearties! I had the best time updating this math game, and I can't wait to share it with you landlubbers! :-)

If you're an upper elementary teacher, you know that kids often get confused between area and perimeter, so they need lots of practice with these skills. A few years ago, I noticed that my 4th graders were struggling with these concepts, so I created a math center game to give them a fun way to practice area and perimeter.

Island Conquer is a partner math game that involves plotting rectangular polygons on a coordinate grid and then finding the area or perimeter of those shapes. The coordinate grid represents the ocean and the rectangles are the islands.

In the updated version of Island Conquer, the players (pirates) are given a mission to map all the islands in Quadrilateral Bay and to conquer them by correctly calculating their areas or perimeters. At the end of the game, both pirates count their “treasure” by calculating the total area or perimeter of all the islands they have captured. Island Conquer is a terrific review game because both luck and skill are needed to win. Players have to rely on luck when they draw a coordinate card from the deck, but they must correctly plot the island on the map and calculate the area or perimeter in order to capture the island and win.

Island Conquer Area & Perimeter Math Game Freebie

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Where to Find Island Conquer
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  1. I love pirate themed resources they really get students engaged and this looks like lots of fun!

    1. Thanks! This is the first pirate-themed activity I've created, but it was a ton of fun to make!

  2. Thank you for sharing this Laura, I look forward to checking it out. My high school SDC students are working at third to fifth grade level on average. They are enjoying some of the growth mindset ideas and some cooperative learning, though they are reluctant so far. But thanks, I appreciate your help.

  3. I can not wait to use this game tomorrow. Just what I needed Thank you

  4. Thanks Laura, this looks like fun. Great inspiration and resources on your blog! Thanks for sharing.


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