April 26, 2012

Pay It Forward and Make Someone's Day!

Did you know that Pay It Forward Day is celebrated in April each year? This year it's on April 28th, and I decided to put together a little freebie in honor of this special day! You can download the printable from my Seasonal Page on Teaching Resources during the month of April.

The student activity page explains the meaning of "pay it forward" and asks them to do at least six good deeds on Pay It Forward Day. Each good deed is recorded in one of the clouds. Ask students to bring their completed papers back the next day to share their experiences.

To learn more about International Pay It Forward Day, you can visit the Pay It Forward Foundation website. Read their How It Works page for specific activity ideas for your classroom. The site offers downloadable cards that you can print out and give to students to pass on when they do a good deed.

By the way, I intentionally left the date off this activity page. As far as I'm concerned, any day can be Pay It Forward Day! You can download this page by clicking on the image or by visiting my Seasonal Page on Teaching Resources during the month of April. If you can't find the freebie on that page, sign up for my newsletter and follow the links to the private page for subscribers called Laura's Best Freebies.

I hope you enjoy this freebie. If you use the activity page with your students, please leave me a message to tell me how it went!


  1. There is a wonderful video on youtube called Lifevest inside - kindness boomerang which would highlight the power of little things and introduce pay it forward day.
    enjoy! Tania ( Shanghai, China)

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