April 7, 2012

Try This When Kids Are Absent!

Doesn't it drive you crazy when kids are absent for several days and you have to gather up a list of assignments they need to complete? Even though I know it's usually not their fault for being absent, it's one more management task to add to my already full load. Let's not even mention the times I've had to do this for students whose families take trips to Disney World in the middle of the school year!

I developed this assignment make up form to make my job a little easier when kids are absent. You can download it from the
Classroom Management page on Teaching Resources. Here's how I used it:

  1. Each day that a student was absent, I placed this form on his or her desk. 
  2. I assigned a student in the same team to write down any classwork or homework assignments on the chart at the bottom. 
  3. If I handed out a graphic organizer or worksheet to complete, I asked the student helper to paperclip it to the back of this form and write the title of the assignment on the front. 
  4. When the absent student returned, he or she was given the packet of make-up work which included due dates. 
  5. As each assignment was turned in, I checked it off and initialed that it was completed. I kept the final form for my own records.
  6. If a student was particularly forgetful or irresponsible, I made a copy of this form before giving it to the child. In the event that the make-up work was not turned in on time, this form was my proof to the parent that I did provide the child with a list of assignments to complete.
  7. If students were absent more than one day, I completed prepared a separate form for each day. In fact, I just kept a stack of these forms in my paper organizer because someone was absent almost every day. 
This system worked great for me because it was an easy way to make sure that I didn't accidentally overlook an assignment. It also helps to keep the student organized and parents love it. If a student does not complete the make-up work, they can't claim that I never told them about it because the proof is right on the form! 

What is your favorite system for making sure students complete work after they are absent?


  1. I love this make-up work system! Thanks for sharing. I want to give it a try starting now!!! (actually Monday)

  2. I have an absent monitor as a classroom job, but only ever had just a folder and paper for the student to inform the absent student(s) what they missed, but THIS is fabulous! Thanks!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I teach 9th grade. I have a class folder in the back of my classroom where I staple all the work together with the student's name. They pick it up there. When there are lots of papers, the folder can get a little tight. I like this because it is only one paper, and the students can pick up the work from my extra copies crate. I have been looking for something like this the past couple of years.

  4. I started using this in September. I laminated several red file folders, and one of the assigned jobs for students in my class is "absentee monitor". I keep copies of your form in each folder, and extras in a specific area where the monitors can get them. This system has worked brilliantly. Students are responsible for missed work, they go to the monitors if they have questions, they remember to return the folders to me, and the monitors keep the whole system working smoothly. Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your feedback on this! I love hearing back from teachers who are using my resources! I think your idea of having student monitors is an excellent one.

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