February 14, 2012

Fraction Spinners Freebie

I recently asked a question on my Teaching Resources Facebook about what teachers need right now, and several of you responded by asking for fraction activities. Fortunately, I have a whole page on my website devoted to fractions, and most items are free!

This Fraction Spinner set is one freebie you'll find there. It doesn't come with directions, so I decided to post a few ideas here and ask others to share their suggestions. There are actually 2 variations of the spinner; one has different denominators and the  other spinner has twelfths as the denominator for all fractions. I changed the image and heading on each spinner slightly so that if you use both of them, your students won't get mixed up.

Click to download these two spinners or go directly to the Fraction File Cabinet page to find them and other fraction freebies. Just print the spinner that's right for your class and use a paper clip and a pencil as shown on the directions.

Fraction Spinner Game Suggestions
What would you do with one of these fraction spinners? They're perfect for creating fraction center games or cooperative learning activities. I suggest having students play with a partner rather than in teams so they'll be more actively involved. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Simplifying Fractions Game (Same Denominator Spinner) - Have students take turns spinning the spinner and recording the fraction. If it's already in lowest term, they score one point. If it needs to be simplified and they do it correctly, they score two points. If they think it's in lowest terms but it's not, they lose a point.
  • Adding or Subtracting Fractions Game - Students spin twice and record each fraction. They also flip a coin. If the coin lands on heads, they add the fractions and simplify. If the coin lands on tails, they subtract the smaller one from the larger one. Students score a point for each correct answer. Because there's no answer key, both players will have to work the problem or one can check with a calculator that handles fractions.
  • Comparing Fractions Game - Each student spins the spinner once and records his or her fraction. Players compare fractions and decide who has the larger fraction. The person with the larger fraction for that round wins a point. They continue playing until one person scores 10 points.
  • Ordering Fractions Game - Students spin the spinner 3 times and record all 3 fractions. They rearrange the fractions so that they are in order from least to greatest. If the other player agrees on the arrangement, the player scores a point. Continue playing until one person scores 10 points.
I love how easy it is to take a simple item like a fraction spinner and create lots of different math games. How would you use these spinners in your math class?

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  1. We used your matching cards today. It was a simple easy and effective start. I will be printing these now. Thanks for you all you do, I have NEVER been disappointed by your materials.

  2. Thank you for the great ideas. Just made a few pages for my SMARTboard. Great practice and review for my kids.

  3. Brilliant! Spinners are a hit with my students.
    Adrianne Meldrum

  4. My current state standards are not heavy in fractions but 4th grade Common Core is. These resources will be so helpful when we start implementation. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the spinner freebies! I'm going to use the different denominators one today in my fractions enrichment centers! I created a worksheet to go with it. Free for anyone who would like it! :) http://burchteach.blogspot.com

  6. Thank you so much for your free ideas!! You've helped me tremendously. :)

  7. As always, you've shared another great freebie. Thanks for sharing it.
    Grade School Giggles

  8. These are wonderful! Thank you so much!


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