Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Classroom Economy Pack Freebie

April is Financial Literacy Month, so it's a perfect time to introduce a classroom economy system. This program makes a great reward system and teaches students how to manage money. Several years ago I created a set of materials called Classroom Economy Pack, and I just updated it with a new cover and new images to give it a fresh look. You may have also seen it on Pinterest as the "Classroom Money Pack," a version I created because you don't have to use the materials to set up a complete classroom economy system. You can use the money patterns and bank transaction record any way you like. Download this freebie from my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Class Auctions
One of my favorite parts of my own Classroom Economy program was my Class Auction. I paid students for their class jobs with classroom money, and at the end of each quarter, the students brought in items from home to auction off. Here you can see them gathered around our carpet area where we would spread out all of the items to auction off. At first I was the auctioneer, but then my students would take turns in that role. Those auctions were crazy and fun, and everyone walked away with a little something!

In the Classroom Economy Pack freebie, I included this idea and many more for setting up your own program. What are some of your favorite strategies to use with classroom money and for teaching financial literacy?

In the most recent version of the Classroom Economy freebie, I replaced my classroom money patterns with beautiful clipart of the different denominations of bills from Michelle, The 3 AM Teacher. I also used some of her other artwork throughout the teacher directions. I love her work, and I hope you'll check out her TpT store to see what she has to offer.

You can download the Classroom Economy Pack from my TeachersPayTeachers store. Please leave a comment to tell me how you use classroom money with your students!

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  1. I use a system very much like this, but I purchase all of my auction items with my own money. I have thought about asking parents for donated items, but didn't know how that would go over, so I haven't done that.


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