Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mini ABC Booklets

Have you ever had your students do an ABC booklet as a project? One way to do this is to ask students to use full sheets of paper and create a separate page for each letter of the alphabet. On each page they include a word, a bit of text, and an illustration related to their topic. The problem with this project is that it takes forever to complete. So I created the Mini ABC Booklet instead! This booklet has 4 letters to a page but just one place to draw an illustration, so it takes about 1/4 of the time to complete as a regular ABC booklet.

This ABC's of Me booklet is a fun project for students to wrap up the year. The 4 pages are duplicated front to back on 2 sheets of paper, then folded and stapled in the middle to create a small booklet. Click to download the pages. Students complete the pages by responding to the prompts and drawing one illustration per page, and then they share it with their team or the class.

Other Ideas for ABC Booklets?
After I created this booklet, I realized that it would be a simple matter to create a blank template that could be used for almost any ABC project. So that's exactly what I did! You can download the blank templates from my Odds N Ends page on Teaching Resources.
Now I need your help thinking of great topics for ABC booklets. What would you use this booklet for? Please share your ideas here or on Facebook. I'll compile them all and share the final freebie with everyone!

P. S. I just discovered that Sally from Elementary Matters posted about ABC books this week, too. Her booklet is a little longer and has more room to write. I like her suggestion for using published ABC books as examples for students to review. Take a look at her blog post which has a blank ABC booklet freebie!


  1. I have older students make silly Animal Alliterations. Example: The bouncing baby bear goes berserk. The students also illustrate it and they love sharing some of the most outrageous alliterations. We usually do this in a group and split up the alphabet since they love to create pictures and share with everyone.

  2. Hi Laura!!

    I have found wonderful ideas from you blog before, but I guess I hadn't stopped by since I started blogging, so now I am finally following your blog so I can stay up to date on all your fabulous posts! I LOVE this mini-booklet! This summer I fell in love with the Sleeping Bear Press alphabet books! One of my favorites is G is for Golden: A California Alphabet. It is perfect since I teach California history the whole year! I had been wanting to have my students make some kind of book based on that one that we read at the beginning of the year, but like you said, I wanted something not so time consuming! This is a great way to accomplish that! Thanks so much for sharing!

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